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5 Summer Getaways

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

1. San Diego

San Diego is a perfect summer destination, boasting crisp temperatures and a plethora of vibrant attractions throughout the city. From amusement parks and zoos to museums, beaches, and aquatic centers, San Diego offers something for everyone in your family. Indulge in a summer adventure where each member of your family can discover their own bliss. Get ready to create cherished memories in the sun-kissed paradise of San Diego!

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2. Puerto Rico

Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a great place to visit during summer because of its natural attractions and warm residents.

There, you can visit the Old San Juan, the most famous place in Puerto Rico’s capital city, La Perla (a very well known and colorful neighborhood)  and a lot of natural places like Charco Prieto in Bayamón. In Puerto Rico you can book a lot of summer tours like hiking, snorkeling, sailing and so much more. 

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3. Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant place with a lot of tourist attractions, parks, beaches, tours and festivals. If you visit Vancouver, you will be able to visit a wide variety of beaches such as English Bay, Spanish Banks and Ambleside; Camping places, Mountains to hike, Lakes and outdoor swimming pools; even a couple of tours to whale watching.

Canada is a great country and Vancouver is living proof of that.

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4. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a small island in the Caribbean with many iconic places such as Santo Domingo (its capital city) Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and La Romana.

This country is famous for being a paradise on earth because of the attractions you can experience there, such as Saona Island, 27 Charcos (a series of beautiful waterfalls), the 3 Eyes National Park (filled with beautiful geological formations) and the iconic El Limon, a national park with great waterfalls where you can take a swim. 

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5. Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands

Saint Thomas is the first of the American Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean with a lot of history and traditions.

In this beautiful paradise you can experience snorkeling, parasailing and other tours such an Illuminated Kayak Tour, a night tour where you can see what’s under your kayak because of LED gadgets. Also, you can visit a wide range of beaches, take a walking food tour, and hire a private boat to visit other virgin islands. 

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