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5 Tips for traveling with kids.

Traveling on the road with children can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit challenging. That's why we've put together some tips that can be useful when traveling on the road with little ones.

1. Plan your trip in advance: Before you hit the road, plan out the route you'll take, the places where you'll make stops, and the meals and accommodations you'll need. Having a well-established itinerary will help you manage your time better and avoid surprises. You can even mark your stops on Waze and view them from your car's CarPlay available in our cars.

2. Let them help: Kids are a big part of the experience, so let them have a role in the trip. Allow them to share their opinions and even suggest activities or places you can enjoy together as a family.

3. Make the trip fun: Road trips can be very enjoyable for kids if you give them the chance to enjoy the journey. Prepare some games, such as scavenger hunts or counting specific colored cars.“ You can even bring board games for the car ride.

4. Enjoy the stops: Make frequent pit stops so the kids can stretch their legs, use the restroom, and eat. Kids love to explore the world around them, so try to find places where they can play, such as parks or playgrounds.

5. Travel with Economy: Finally, remember that we offer many options for a safe and comfortable trip. Don't hesitate to ask about our amenities when renting with us.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you. At Economy, we wish you a safe and enjoyable road trip!



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