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All You Need to Know to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica, the beautiful Caribbean island, known for its music, heavenly beaches, and

vibrant culture is a destination that captivates visitors from all over the world. If you are

planning a trip to Jamaica, we want to tell you some important things you should know,

before your departure.

1. Climate and High Season

Jamaica has a tropical climate with warm temperatures all through the year. The high

season is from December to April, when the climate is drier and there is less chance of

rain. However, this also means that prices increase and there are more tourists. If you

prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy cheaper rates, consider visiting during off-season,

from May through November.

2. Currency and Foreign Exchange

Jamaica’s official currency is the Jamaican dollar (JMD). We recommend carrying some

local cash for small expenses, though most tourist sites accept international credit

cards. You can change your money at banks, exchange offices, or at the airport. Be

sure to inform yourself about exchange rates and commissions before making any


3. Culture and Local Customs

Jamaica has a rich and vibrant culture, influenced by its history and reggae music.

Jamaicans are friendly and welcoming, so don’t hesitate to interact with them and learn

about their way of life. Respecting local customs is important, such as dressing

appropriately when visiting religious sites, and considering their lifestyle can be more


4. Tourist Attractions

Jamaica has a wide variety of can’t-miss tourist attractions. From the beautiful beaches

of Negril and Montego Bay to Dunn’s River Falls, to Bob Marley’s iconic home on Nine

Mile, there is something for every taste. Don’t forget to try the delicious Jamaican

cuisine, such as jerk chicken and ackee and saltfish.

Remember to always research and plan your trip with anticipation to make the most of

your visit to Jamaica. And don’t forget, you can travel the island conveniently and safely with Economy Rent a Car!



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