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Benefits of Practicing Sustainable Tourism

Engaging in sustainable tourism is more than just sound practice, it is a lifestyle. In this blog, we tell you how it benefits us today and future generations.

Being sustainable when traveling has gained momentum in the last few years and it could be said that it is “trendy” to do so however, these practices cannot remain only as a trend, as it has many long-term benefits. Here we share how these efforts will give us a better future.

Next, we will tell you briefly about the main benefits of sustainable tourism:

1. Promotes the development of new businesses in the tourist industry.

2. Creates direct and indirect local employment and local development.

3. Allows collaboration between local businesses.

4. Generates cash flow, and income is distributed at a local level.

5. Influences the creation of policies in favor of the local economy and safeguarding the environment.

6. Creates awareness about problems and needs in the area.

7. Promotes local culture and products.

8. Incentivizes the community to participate in conservation efforts and promotes the values and culture of the area.

9. Allows for the care of archeological sites or historical monuments thanks to tourist flow.

10. Preserves the environment, animal and vegetable life, and local culture as a legacy for future generations.

Sustainable tourism is a synonym for enjoyment and travel, while also educating and encouraging sound practices for future generations.

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