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Costa Rica as a Bird Watching Destination

Costa Rica’s small territory is home to more than 900 bird species, attracting thousands of

tourists every year just to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. We’ll

show you the places that stand out for bird watching.

Costa Rica’s territory houses more bird species than the United States and Canada

combined, as it functions as a migratory bridge between North and South America.

Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit with the purpose of observing

the most majestic bird species.

We’ll share some ideal locations to practice this activity and you can count on us to visit


Palo Verde, Guanacaste

Near the Tempisque River, we find a bird watcher’s paradise. It is recommended you visit

between the months of December and March to observe both the migratory and native birds, such as herons, grebes, ducks, falcons, and endangered species such as the jabiru stork.

Carara National Park

This famous ornithological destination is easily accessible and it is a transition between a

tropical dry forest and a rainforest. At this national park, we find the largest population of red

macaws in Costa Rica, birds that are currently in danger of extinction. You can observe

other species like toucans, herons, and parrots.

San Gerardo de Dota

Its virgin cloud forest at the top of the central mountain range makes Dota one of the most

popular bird-watching sites. Visitors can breathe mountain fresh air, see waterfalls, and

possibly observe quetzals, hummingbirds, or some of the other 200 bird species that inhabit

that mountain.


The cloud forest of Monteverde is home to the emerald toucanets, colored hummingbirds,

and world-famous quetzals. Bird watching in this place is unforgettable, here you can find

more than 400 species.

Will you also be up to a bird-watching adventure? If you’ve never experienced it, then get

your binoculars, sunblock, and comfy clothes ready to fully live out an experience like this.

And of course, count on us to visit ALL these places.



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