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Did You Know these Facts about St. Maarten? The Island from Another Perspective

St. Maarten is a Caribbean island that combines tropical beauty with a fascinating mix of

cultures and impressive landscapes. If you are planning to visit this paradise, here are

some interesting facts that will surely surprise you, and help you better understand this


1.Divided Between Two Nations

St. Maarten is unique as it is divided between two nations: the north belongs to France

and is called Saint Martin, while the southern territory belongs to the Netherlands and is

known as Sint Maarten. This cultural division is reflected in the architecture, food, and

traditions of each side of the island.

With Economy Rent a Car, you can see both territories! We have an office in the Aeropuerto Princess Juliana and in Aeropuerto de L'Esperance.

2. Princess Juliana Airport

The Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin is known throughout the world because of

its closeness to Maho Beach. Planes land and take-off a short distance from swimmers,

creating a unique and thrilling experience. It is an impressive show that you can’t miss

during your stay.

3. Spectacular Beaches

St. Maarten is known for its dreamy beaches. The island has more than 37 beaches for

every taste, from calm and virgin beaches to lively beaches filled with aquatic activities.

Maho Beach, Orient Bay, Cupecoy Beach, and Baie Rough are just some of the options

to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.

4. Delicious Food and Drink

St. Maarten’s cuisine is a fusion of French, Creole, and Caribbean influences. The island is famous for its dishes of fresh seafood, like lobster and snails. You can’t miss the chance to taste the local flavors such as hen stew, Creole-style codfish, and artisanal rum which are part of the rich culinary tradition of the island.

When visiting St. Maarten, you’ll be immersed in a combination of beautiful beaches,

diverse culture, and a vibrant Caribbean lifestyle. To explore the island and discover all its charms, count on us!



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