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Get to know Iceland with Economy!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Immersed in natural splendor, Iceland's priceless beauty awaits. Despite being a small European country, it boasts an impressive tradition and a remarkable abundance of natural resources. Prepare yourself for a captivating adventure in a land teeming with possibilities, where the perfect travel companion is none other than a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car.

As you traverse Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, you'll bear witness to a diverse tapestry of wonders. From cascading waterfalls to dramatic volcanic formations, every corner of this extraordinary destination holds a new adventure. With Economy Rent a Car by your side, you'll have the freedom to explore at your leisure and unlock the hidden treasures that await.

Located conveniently at Keflavík International Airport, our office stands poised to provide exceptional service tailored to your needs.

What Vehicles Can I Choose at this Location?

In Iceland, we offer an extensive fleet that awaits your exploration. Discover the perfect vehicle for your journey by visiting the following link, where you can browse through the impressive selection available at Economy Rent a Car:

Business Hours

This locations opens 24/7.

For more information on this location click here

When it comes to renting a vehicle in Iceland, Economy Rent a Car stands as your ultimate choice. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure a seamless experience for all our customers. Making a reservation is a breeze, as you can easily do so through our user-friendly website or by giving us a call at (786) 975-2222 or any of our dedicated contact numbers.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to embark on your Icelandic adventure with the trusted support of Economy Rent a Car. Visit us and let us be your gateway to an extraordinary journey!



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