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Get to Know the “Charming Island” of Puerto Rico with Economy Rent a Car

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The famous island of Puerto Rico is a charming for all the visitors. Their beaches, their historic monuments and the architecture from the colonial time have the ability to amaze any tourist.

We have two offices in this beautiful country for your convenience: Aguadilla and Carolina.




Explore our extensive fleet in Puerto Rico, ready to cater to your every travel need. Click the button below to browse through our range of vehicles and kickstart your journey planning with us. Your next unforgettable trip awaits!


When you arrive at the airport please call us using the phone located at the terminal and we will send a shuttle transport for you. Our local number is: 787-791- 4444


Familiarize yourself with our rental policies for our location in Puerto Rico by accessing the following button.

Don't miss out on the incredible experiences you could have in Puerto Rico. Book now to unlock the freedom and excitement that come with great deals!

You can rent your vehicle through our website, calling at 2299-2000 or any of our contact numbers.

Count on us!



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