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How to Prepare your Vehicle for the Rainy Season?

We are in the rainiest season of the year and with that, there is an increased risk on the road.

Prepare your vehicle before going out with these tips from Economy Rent a Car.

Providing adequate maintenance to our vehicle is fundamental to avoid a traffic accident, especially when the weather represents an additional obstacle.

We also want you to travel during rainy season so, follow these tips to enjoy this adventure to the max, without any interruption.

Preventative Maintenance

To avoid malfunction it is fundamental to provide our vehicle with preventative and continuous maintenance. It is essential to be aware of the care we’ve given the vehicle so it responds correctly in any eventuality.


Check that there is no deterioration and that the pressure of the tire is adequate. Tires in the rainy season come into contact with other elements like oil and dust that can make traction difficult. Tires in good condition maintain a uniform grip on the road, avoiding possible skids.


A correct alignment of the headlights increases visibility, and don’t forget to also check the backlights. Lights in good condition improve the field of vision for the driver and, allows the vehicle to be seen by pedestrians and other vehicles.


When checking the brakes one needs to consider the following: fluid levels, pad thickness, and disc wear to see if they need replacing. A good cleaning of the brakes also optimizes their functionality.

Windshield Wipers:

Make sure that both windshield wipers are in good condition and eliminate the totality of water from the windshield. In addition, verify that the fluid reservoir is full. Before taking off, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean the windshield to remove any excess grease that can hinder our visibility.

Other Tips

It would be important to remember to reinforce good driving habits, like avoiding driving at a high speed, being aware of wet surfaces, maintaining your distance, and being focused on the road.

Luckily, we have vehicles in excellent condition so you can travel safely during the rainy season.

Count on Economy Rent a Car for your next carventure.



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