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International Destinations for Digital Nomads

Working remotely is here to stay and many workers take advantage of this structure to

travel the world. We’ll show you some destinations that you can explore with Economy

Rent a Car and also, you may find they could become your workplace.

The trend of working remotely and being freer with our time has changed the workplace

paradigm forever. It is true that while many work from home, others travel the world, and

many destinations are adapting to those called digital nomads.

We’ll share some of our favorite destinations for digital nomads:

1. Mexico

One of Latin America’s most visited countries by tourists, and also now by remote

workers, from around the world. The low lodging fees and great climate have made

Mexico one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. It is important to

mention that no matter what city you are in, you’ll always find entertainment and historic

sites to visit during your free time.

2. Iceland

A charming destination for digital nomads for its free Internet access and the culture of

its inhabitants. If your dream is to work remotely from Iceland, you must apply for a

nomad visa.

3. Costa Rica

A country recognized for its tourism, biodiversity, and now, a destination for nomadic

workers. Costa Rica is highlighted as a favorite among remote workers and currently,

has laws that protect them.

4. Jamaica

While being labeled one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Caribbean,

Jamaica has also been getting a high demand of digital nomads who wish to work near

its beaches. This destination offers a great price-quality balance for its services.

5. Portugal

One of the main reasons it is called the mecca of digital nomads is the visa for these

types of workers. Most of the inhabitants speak English and it has a low crime rate.

Factors like good climate, little pollution, and good Internet signal make Portugal an

ideal destination for those working remotely.

6. Greece

Greece offers nomadic workers quality tools for their labor needs. Especially in the cities

of Athens and Crete, the Wi-Fi signal is stable and there are many places for coworking.

Are you a digital nomad or independent worker? Are you considering changing your workplace environment?

Remember Economy Rent a Car is available in all these destinations. You can count on us even for work trips!



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