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Marino Ballena National Park: An Example of Wildlife Conservation at Worldwide Level

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

With its creation in 1989, it established a conservation model at worldwide level as the first

marine park with the function of preserving and investigating marine species.

Marino Ballena National Park is located on the Pacific coastline, where Punta Uvita and

Punta Piñuela connect. With an extension of 171 hectares of land and 5,160 marine

hectares, a total of 15 km long.

It is the quintessential tourist destination for those who wish to observe cetacean species

and other mammals. But most importantly, a place devoted to the investigation and

protection of these and other marine and land life living in the park.

Conservation Plan Objectives

The National System of Conservation Areas (known as SINAC in Spanish) has the

responsibility to improve the experience, learning, and the overall attention given to visitors.

It pledges to provide education on natural and cultural resources to prevent crimes that

might put conservation at risk.

What Does Marino Ballena Offer Visitors?

Between the months of December and April, and at the end of July until November, one can

observe cetaceans that take advantage of our warm waters to swim with their offspring.

Inside the park, one can swim, dive superficially or relax, as the park has showers and

parking for guests.

Now that you know a bit more about the importance of this park, in terms of the biodiversity

in Costa Rica, make a conscious and harmonious visit to this area.

And of course, with Economy Rent a Car you can reach Marino Ballena comfortably and

safely. Count on us for this adventure!



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