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Secret Beaches in Costa Rica

We continue to be surprised by the richness found in the corners of Costa Rica. This time, we’ll tell you about beautiful beaches you probably don’t know about, ideal for a peaceful getaway.

Our small territory continues to surprise us with places we didn’t even imagine. While it is true we have world-renown beaches, we also can find hidden, or not as well-known, spots that will leave you in awe.

In addition, if you are not a fan of highly-frequented areas, these beaches are an excellent alternative this year.

Jicote Beach, Cuajiniquil

In Santa Elena, Guanacaste we found a small virgin, white-sand beach, light blue waters, and hardly any waves. To arrive, you must drive to Cuajiniquil and get on a boat that takes you directly to a heavenly experience. Note too that it is important to have a bag in which to carry your waste.

Rajada Beach, Guanacaste

It is considered one of the best beaches in Bahia Salinas because of its vegetation, crystal waters in which to go snorkeling and relaxing shades for rest. At certain times of the year, you can appreciate whale sightings. The beach has parking and easy access for any vehicle.

Punta Vargas Beach, Cahuita

When you arrive at the Cahuita National Park, you must walk through a pathway until you reach Punta Vargas. The walk, which is several kilometers, is totally worth it as the vegetation is impressive and at the end, you’ll be rewarded with clear waters, hardly noticeable waves, and an impressive view.

Los Cedros Beach, Montezuma

To reach this beach you must take the Paquera ferry. Once there, you’ll have easy vehicle access. There we found light grey sand and ideal spots to go snorkeling.

Cabo Blanco Beach, Puntarenas

After walking several kilometers it is time to cool off in the crystal waters of this beach. If you are a hiker, this adventure is for you. To arrive, you must take the Paquera ferry, and once you have reached Cabo Blanco National Park, you’ll find parking, and pathways leading you directly to this hidden paradise.

Which of these beaches will you visit next? You can count on Economy Rent a Car to visit these beaches and other heavenly destinations.



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