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The Complete Guide to the Best Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Travel and have an adventure with Economy Rent a Car, this time exploring the majestic volcanoes in Costa Rica. We provide you with a complete guide so you can visit along with the local’s Rent a Car.

Costa Rica is known for its natural and geological wealth, filled with wonderful places where many have not yet explored. Heavenly beaches and mountains, especially the volcanoes that make the country rich in diversity and provide majestic landscapes.

We bring you this guide so you can learn about these national treasures and why each one is worth a visit.

Tenorio Volcano

This National Park has captivating attractions, such as footpaths through the forest, lookout points, and splendid sky blue-colored hot springs. The foothills of the Tenorio Volcano are home to wild felines and a virgin forest; along them you can appreciate symmetric cones that house several habitats, depending on the elevation.

Altitude: 1,916 meters above sea level

Location: Guanacaste mountain range

Activity: Has fumaroles and thermal springs

Irazú Volcano

The highest in Costa Rica. It has several craters and, from its highest peak, you can observe the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The word “Irazú” is actually derived from an indigenous word that means “mountain of thunder and earthquakes”, and although it is a giant of frequent activity, visiting it is completely safe.

Altitude: 3,432 meters above sea level

Location: Central volcanic range, Province of Cartago

Activity: Minor fumaroles

Arenal Volcano

This volcano is considered one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world because of its perfect cone shape and clouds that gather at the top. Currently, its activity is not as vibrant as it once was, but the volcano remains active and its popularity around the world continues to increase. At the foothills, you can do activities such as motocross tours, visit hot springs, and appreciate the iconic Arenal Lake.

Altitude: 1,630 meters above sea level

Location: La Fortuna, San Carlos, province of Alajuela

Activity: Slight gas emissions and vapor columns

Poás Volcano

Did you know that it has one of the biggest craters in the world? Not only that, but from the summit, you can observe majestic sceneries. No wonder it is the most visited protected wilderness area in the country; one of the most impressive natural sights surrounded by exuberant fauna.

Altitude: 2,697 meters above sea level

Location: Central volcanic range, province of Alajuela

Activity: Constant fumaroles

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

It is a short route, where you’ll find both dry and cloud forests, in a volcanic environment. You can be witness to boiling water and vapors that rumble throughout. One of the greatest attractions is “La Cangreja” Waterfall, best known as the Blue Lagoon due to its characteristic coloring.

Altitude: 1,916 meters above sea level

Location: Guanacaste mountain range

Activity: Fumaroles and eruptions

Barva Volcano

The third largest volcano in the country has a huge crater with a lagoon surrounded by vegetation. You can observe up to 80 bird species and more than 20 mammal species at its foothills. Throughout the journey, you can appreciate the city of Barva, Heredia with panoramic views, paddocks, dairy farms, and fresh country air.

Altitude: 2,906 meters above sea level

Location: Central volcanic range, province of Heredia

Activity: Presence of thermal springs; no recent eruptive activity

How many of these majestic volcanoes have you visited? Do you have a favorite? Don’t forget you can count on Economy Rent a Car for your next volcano tour.



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