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Tips for making a road trip in Iceland

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

What comes to your mind when you think of Iceland? Surely landscapes of science fiction full of geysers, lava fields, glaciers and dreamy waterfalls. The best way to travel this wonderful country is to rent a car and take an epic journey.

We present you 6 tips for you to design the perfect road trip in Iceland that become the most unforgettable experience.

1. Make an itinerary

Surely you won’t want to miss anything but at the same time you may not have unlimited time. Select the places you

want to visit and design a route to get from one point to another efficiently. We also recommend that you visit Safe Travel.

2. Choose the car that fits your needs

Iceland is full of mountains, frozen lakes, cobbled streets ... It is a country with extreme nature! That's why you have to choose the right car. We recommend you rent a 4x4 car. Meet our fleet in Iceland.

3. Be alert to animals

In summer it’s possible that groups of sheep going freely on the road. In rural areas you can also meet with wild horses. Be alert!

4. Fill the fuel tank

Once you leave the cities it’s difficult to see gas stations very often in Iceland. Every time you see one gas station, try to fill the tank as a precaution.

5. Get prepared correctly for Iceland

There may be quite remote areas so it’s better to bring snacks, bottled water and clothing suitable for extreme weather depending on the season. A first aid kit and medication is also a good item to carry.

6. Don’t camp anywhere

Your best bet is to look for official camping areas and if you don’t any, avoid camping near farms. You can learn more about the rules about camping in Iceland here.

Now that you know all you have to do to organize your road trip to Iceland, you only need to book a car with us.



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