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Tips To Take Care Of Your Pets

Easter is here and if your plans include taking your pet for a walk, it is important that you take into account these cares that you must have during the trip, we also leave you tips so that you do not miss anything

  1. Visit the vet before starting the trip.

  2. Verify that the destination is pet friendly

  3. Never leave your pet in the car without the windows open.

  4. The last meal should be at least two hours before the trip to avoid dizziness or vomiting.

  5. It is important that the air circulates in the vehicle but that the windows are not completely open to avoid accidents.

  6. It is important that you make a stop every 2 or 3 hours, so that your pet drinks water, walks and spends a little energy.

We give you a list with ideas of what you cannot miss when your dog is on vacation:

  1. Necklace of use and extra necklaces

  2. Enough dog food for the days of the holidays

  3. Fresh and clean water in case there is not in the place to which they are going

  4. Food and water dishes

  5. Vaccination card

  6. Bring emergency contact of the dog’s Veterinarian and have a list of veterinary centers to go to at the destination in case of an emergency

  7. In case your dog needs special medications, take them with you

  8. Bags to collect your waste

  9. Cleaning accessories

  10. Toys for him to relax and toys for when you take him to play

  11. Awards

  12. Bring a blanket, especially if you are going to allow him to lie on the hotel bed, or if you want to put something on the floor for him to rest on.

If your pet stays at home

  1. Do not leave him alone at home, because an accident can happen.

  2. If you leave him with a friend or neighbor, make sure he knows him and his pets to avoid fights.

  3. Find a care center that has grassy areas for him to run around in.

  4. Make sure that the shelter areas are their size and allow them to go for a walk and live with other dogs.

  5. Try to leave enough food for shelter.

  6. Call periodically to see how he is. There are already centers where you can see it online.

  7. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy the holidays more and that your dog is safe and healthy these days.



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