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Trips are more fun with our four-legged friends!

We know that many here are pet lovers and take great pleasure traveling with them, which is why we wanted to create this guide for you! 

Although we know that pets are a member of the family and their company is very important, many times we must consider the convenience of taking them for a walk. The issue of health is essential, so it is best to obtain the endorsement of a veterinarian before deciding. Other factors to consider include: age, race and species, as well as your medical history and whether you are used to traveling by car.

Here are some tips for your next trip:

General care tips

  1. Keep your pet’s vaccination and deworming schedule up to date.

  2. Take with you items such as a vaccination card, collar, muzzle, toys, toiletries, emergency kit.

  3. Bring enough food to the destination

  4. Get your pet used to traveling beforehand.

When you travel by car

  1. Most pets have difficulty changing temperatures. It is important to air-condition the car, so it will not suffocate from heat or tremble from cold.

  2. Keep in mind that the air conditioning of the vehicle must be done progressively.

  3. The last meal should be at least two hours before the trip to avoid dizziness and vomiting.

  4. Air must always circulate. It is important that the windows are not completely open to avoid accidents.

  5. It is important that you make a stop every 2 or 3 hours, so that your pet drinks water, walks and spends a little energy.

  6. Never leave your pet inside the car without the windows open, even more so if the destination is a hot climate.

If you travel by plane

  1. Consult the regulations of each airline regarding the transport of pets before buying the tickets.

  2. Have at hand all the documents that certify that your pet can travel in the cabin of the plane: emotional support certificate, vaccination certificate, training certificate.

With these care tips for your pet you can have a safe trip, go on an adventure with Economy



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