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What are the can’t-miss destinations for 2023?

If one of your plans for 2023 is to travel more, well, these destinations are the most

recommended by travel bloggers. These places will inspire you to let out the traveler inside

and of course, with Economy Rent a Car you can travel with greater freedom.

One of the resolutions we make every year is to travel more, and 2023 is no exception.

We compiled a list of can’t-miss destinations recommended by travel bloggers so, you can

get inspired for an adventure with us.


Let’s begin the list with a vibrant destination filled with cultural options. Discover its

interesting gastronomy and traditions with a tour from Ciudad de Mexico towards the coasts

of Oaxaca. We recommend you visit the beaches of Puerto Escondido which are ideal for

surfing and Bahias de Huatulco for a more calm and family-oriented environment.


Its cities combine the beauty of medieval architecture with urban art. It is a destination that is

categorized as the “European Capital of Culture for 2023”. It also has cosmopolitan cities like Bucharest and natural landscapes that include waterfalls, lakes (such as Bâlea), and

national parks like Ceahlău.

Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica is at the top of the list for travelers every time they think about

vacationing? Our little land has it all. It is where we find fresh water waterfalls and white sand

beaches just a few kilometers away from the city. In addition, it is a favorite spot for extreme

sports and adventure.


It is recommended by National Geographic for its natural wealth and innovation in

ecotourism and sustainability. If your thing is connecting with fauna, Colombia is highlighted

for its vast, unique experiences for the whole family.


Do you dream of experiencing a new culture in 2023? Well, you can’t miss the music,

traditions and cultural experiences found in Morocco. This country offers a culinary tradition

that is filled with exotic tastes and, diverse combinations and preparations, which is why it is

a gastronomic destination you must visit.

So, are your bags packed for adventure in 2023? We are available in each of these

countries so you can explore with total freedom and, count on the support and security

provided by Economy Rent a Car.

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