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Where to Surf in Costa Rica?

One of the greatest attractions of Costa Rica is that it is one of the favorite surfing

destinations in the world. Which beaches are ideal to enjoy their waves? We’ll tell you.

Costa Rica has stood out as a surfing destination for its great variety of beaches, both in the

Pacific and Caribbean.

Where to go if you wish to practice this sport? Of course, count on us

for your next surfing getaway.

Tamarindo, Guanacaste

We begin the list with one of the most crowded beaches in the northern part of Costa Rica,

and that is not a coincidence as it already has a great beach with several spots for all surfing

levels. It has easy access and is located near the airport.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

Months: March-November

Tide: Mid-High

Manzanillo Beach, Limon

This beach, characterized by its white sand and leafy palm trees, is one of the top locations

among surfers. A beach where you can only breathe in peace and tranquility, and is also

suitable for every surfing level.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

Months: May-September

Tide: All tides

Grande Beach, Guanacaste

This beach located in Las Baulas Marine National Park – a park created for the protection of

the leatherback sea turtle and areas like mangroves and forests – has become one of the

most popular places to learn how to surf. Imagine a surfing lesson on a beach surrounded by


Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Months: March-November

Tide: Mid-High

Hermosa Beach, Puntarenas

Located in Dominical, where we find other surfing spots, Hermosa Beach is notable due to

spectacular waves and being less crowded than other beaches. It is not only perfect for

surfers but also to swim and relaxing.

Level: Intermediate

Months: May-September

Tide: All tides

Guiones Beach, Guanacaste

Its waves are docile and secure for surfing. This area has a 7-kilometer beach with various

surfing spots for all levels. Nearby you can find lodging, restaurants, and bars to enjoy after

a day out among the waves.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced

Months: May-September

Tide: All tides

It´s your surfboard ready? Count on us to transport your boards safely and enjoy the

waves to the max.



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