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7 tips to travel outside your country

We all love to travel: feel the adrenaline, live new experiences, creating new memories with our love ones. That’s why we share with you this 7 tips you keep in mind for your experience to be the best as possible, no matter the destination you are going.

1. Be careful to what WIFI you are connecting

We all need Internet in our travels (how else are we going to upload those awesome pictures to Instagram or Facebook?).But is super important when you connect to a open network to never reveal your credit card information, passwords or anything like that. Try to use only secure networks as the one of the hotel you are staying or rent a wifi spot device during your stay.


When you rent your vehicle with Economy Rent a Car, don´t forget to ask for our Wifi Spots, so yiou can have a secure conection anywhere you go.

2. Know something of the local “slang”

It´s always a great idea to know a few words and phrases  in the language of the country you are visiting. From a simple “hello” to know how to ask for an address. Learn the basics can help you avoid awkward situations. Besides, locals will appreciate your effort in knowing their culture.


3. Bring basic stuff in your hand bag

You will never know what will happen with your luggage once the plane takes off. That’s why is super important to bring in your carry on a change of clothes, medicines and electrical charges. If your luggage got lost or gets late, whatever you bring in your carry on will be your salvation.


4. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is essential for our bodies. Keep yourself hydrated during your trip, it will help you avoid headaches, overtake jetlag, have a better digestion and even have a better mood. Remember to have always a bottle of water with you during your trip.


5. Bring few cash on your trip

Never bring all you money in cash. Every time you went out try to bring only what you are going to need and any of your credit cards in case of emergency. Also remember that is very important for your to report your credit cards before you leave of your country, to avoid having problems when you use it.


6. Don’t left anything in your vehicle

If you are renting a vehicle, don’t left any of your belongings inside the vehicle and in plain sight. This can put your vehicle in danger of people looking objects of value to steal.


7. Bring an universal charger adapter

In every trip you are make, you can´t forget to bring any charger and adapter that allows you to charge all your electronic devices. And by any chance you forget it, get one in the airport.


Now, enjoy your trip. Get ready to change your routine, losing your fear and experience new adventures.



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