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How can travelers measure and compensate for their carbon footprint?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

It is the time to raise awareness about CO2 emissions when on vacation.

In this blog we will show you how tourists can measure and compensate

for their carbon footprint.

As company certified with Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism Certification

(known as CST) it is our duty to inform and make travelers aware about

the carbon footprint when on vacation.

We invite you to utilize the Greenhouse Gases Footprint Calculator from

FONAFIFO to calculate the emissions of your travels and the

compensation for the carbon footprint generated during your flights and

land travel.

How Does it Work?

2. Insert your travel information

3. Obtain final results about your emissions

4. Purchase voluntary online compensations

At the end of the purchase, you’ll receive proof of payment. This process

can be done in English and Spanish.

For a Better Future

Your compensation is directed to the ICT-FONAFIFO account to apply

the financial resources to activities that restore our country’s forest land.

Costa Rica is a megadiverse nation that has managed to reverse its

deforestation process. Our territory is the first tropical country that has

stopped deforestation and also, has increased its coverage of forests in

the national territory.

Now that you know how to give the planet a break when on vacation,

count on us for your next carventure.



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