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We want you to have the best travel and safety experience with Economy Rent a Car right now. That is why we are proactively implementing our safety protocols. These protocols are updated based on the provisions of the Health authorities, always seeking to contain the virus.

Our primary focus is to maintain your safety, that of our collaborators and all the people who are currently in the country. Always giving you the best car rental experience.

What we’re doing

  1. Our cleaning staff at all our offices are applying a strict cleaning protocol using the products recommended by the national and international health authorities.

  2. Our customer service staff complies with the protocol in which they will use facemasks during each customer service process. They will also monitor your health, in case you have flu symptoms you should go to a health center.

  3. We place plexiglass barriers at the customer service counters.

  4. We avoid the exchange of documents. Whenever possible, we send all documentation via email.

  5. All of our offices have hand sanitizer for customers to use immediately upon entering.

  6. To allow entry to our offices, visitors and customers must wear a facemask. In addition to keeping the distance established with other people.

  7. The vehicle is washed with water, soap and disinfectant on all external surfaces. All parts of the vehicle, both internal and external, with which people may have had contact, are also disinfected. We use hospital-grade technology to disinfect the interior of vehicles.

Recommendations for our clients to minimize risks

  1. Enter one person per family.

  2. Avoid touching your face: particularly eyes, nose and mouth.

  3. Healthy Distance: keep at least 1.5 meters distance between each person.

  4. Mandatory use of face masks.

  5. Avoid physical greetings (hugs, kisses, shaking hands).



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