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Guide to plan your trip

Many times planning a trip is an exciting experience but it can become overwhelming because of everything that must be organized beforehand.

That is why we want you to have this guide to make planning your trip easier.

Choose your Destination

The first thing you should do is choose the destination you want to visit and find out what dates are optimal to visit it. You should take into account the weather, the time of your stay and the type of adventures you want to live so that finally you can plan it in your calendar.

In the investigation of your destination, it is important that you investigate what restrictions exist to enter the country due to the different COVID-19 protocols that may exist.

Create a Budget

Depending on the destination you have chosen, the daily cost of your trip varies. In addition, the way you want to make your trip will influence your budget.

It is important that you investigate what your best options are, in lodging, tours, rental and flights.

Also budget the money you are going to take in cash or what you are going to spend on souvenirs or extras.

Book your Flight, Lodging, and Car.

Depending on the dates you visit your destination, the cost will vary depending on the season in which it is, in addition to the availability of flights, lodging, and cars.

Search for your flight directly on airlines, compare prices and benefits they offer you.

When you go to book your lodging place, look for reviews of the places, photos, and above all that suits your needs, also you should take into account the proximity to the tourist attractions that you are going to visit.

As for your method of transportation, it is best to book a rental car for your comfort. By reserving a rental car, you do not depend on any schedule or the availability of transport services to be able to get to the places you want.

We recommend that you book your car in advance here.

Create an Itinerary

It is important that you organize your trip so that you make the most of your time and get to know everything you can.

Research ahead of time which are the must-see places to visit, which are the best free things to do, and what are the best excursions in the destination.

Hire Travel Insurance

It is always recommended when you travel that you have travel insurance that covers you at least:

  1. Travel, medical and legal assistance

  2. Trip interruption and cancellation

  3. Coverage for disability or death, repatriation

  4. Loss and/or breakage of luggage

Prepare your Suitcase in Advance

Create a list of everything you need and adapt it to the destination you are going to. Pack early so you don’t miss out on anything and don’t be late.

Ready! With these 6 tips, you’ll have a smooth ride.

Tell us what you thought of this guide in the comments.



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