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  • Pamela Torres

Travel tips: sustainable tourism

Exploring new places and cultures, visiting historical sites, appreciating wildlife and nature, and seeing incomparable landscapes are some of the experiences that you can live as a tourist. However, tourism can have a negative impact if travelers are not aware of the importance of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism follows the principles of sustainability, minimizing the impact on the environment and local culture, while contributing to generating income and employment for the local population.

How can you include it in your travels? Here are some guidelines that can work for all your future trips:

  • Help local business

Tourism contributes to boosting local economies. Betting on local business means helping the community you are visiting.

  • Respect the culture

Each community has its culture and traditions; respecting them is very important. Before traveling, you can do some research on the local culture or hire a local tour guide during your visit.

  • Respect wildlife and its habitat

Do not feed, touch, or get close to wild animals. It is very important not to interfere in their way of life. Also, wildlife should not be acquired in any way.

  • Take care of the natural resources of your destination

Use the natural resources of the place, such as water and energy, in moderation.

  • Respect monuments and historic buildings

This is key to do ecological and responsible tourism. Find out in advance about the limitationsand regulations of access to the monuments you are going to visit.

  • Tourism Sustainability Certification

Like us, other companies also have the Tourism Sustainability Certification, which is a good option when looking for your next trip.

Do you engage in other sustainable practices? Share in the comments!



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