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Tolls in Fort Lauderdale? We have an option for you!

From the many additional services we offer you at our location in Fort Lauderdale we have one that will make your trip a whole lot easier: the Toll Transponder.

In great cities, such as Fort Lauderdale and some places with a lot of touristic visitation, you can see toll booths, which work as a way to finance public infrastructure or maintenance to those same highways.

The amount you pay on those tolls can be paid on cash or in many cases is charged automatically through a device associated to a banking account.

There´s two tipes of tolls: manual or automatic. The manual one`s are the toll booths, with a person that will charge you the established amount in cash.

tipos de toll-02

Booth #2 it´s the typical manual toll (cash only). Lane #3 is one electronic payment options by a exclusive lane. The charge on this option is made through the detection of a device linked to your banking account.

Within the electronic tolls, there´s two types:

  1. Exclusive charge lane in traditional booths: These are the tolls that traditionally have exclusive lanes that charge the amount through a device that is linked to a banking account.

  2. Electronic Tolling: This option consists in making the charge without the need to stop the vehicle. The toll detects the signal of the linked device, or in case that you don´t have one; will send the charged to the home of owner of the vehicle, via plate recognition.

tipos de toll-01

“Electronic tolling” consists on devices in the middle of the highway that detects approaching vehicles. They store the time the vehicle passes as they detect the payment device associated to your account on the car, all this without the need to stop the vehicle.

In this video you can understand how the Electronic Toll works:

What do we offer on Economy Rent a Car?

To avoid looking for change to pay the manual tolls and avoid having a ticket for not having the corresponding payment device, we offer you “Toll Transponder”.

This service works with both type of tolls and you can add it to your reservation for only $9.95 per day with all the tolls included, and you simply will have to focus on enjoying the city instead of looking for coins.



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