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5 tips for you to travel safely and calmly

Hurry Up it’s almost Christmas!

5 tips for you to travel safely and calmly

December, a month in which the Christmas airs overflow, everything is happiness, trips and gifts; However, the long lines and lack of preparation can make you have a bitter time; which is why we offer you 5 tips to book in advance and have your car ready on time.

1.Know the rental requirements: One of the requirements to rent a vehicle is to have a minimum age of 18 and a credit card to carry out your procedure, you can consult the additional requirements in our website. 

2 Make your reservation: This is essential, reserve your vehicle in advance in times of high tourist season, this way you can analyze the best offer, choose the type of vehicle you need, and make sure that when you arrive at the destination you already have your vehicle reserved. Remember that to reserve you have to visit our page , select the location, departure and arrival date, nationality and age.

  1. Choose the ideal vehicle: Each rental car company has different models of vehicles, so you can evaluate all the options, taking into account the number of passengers and the space necessary for your luggage. Choose wisely! Additional equipment: Remember to put aside your wifi, baby chair, booster and other items that you may need on your trip and have everything ready at the time of your reservation.

4.Early check In: To carry out the pre-registration you must log into your email, select the one with the name “Check in and Save Time” and follow these steps:

  1. Confirm your personal information, driver license and address information, upon your arrival. 

  2. In case you have your own insurance, add it’s information (this part is optional). 

  3. At this point you’ll be checked in

¡You’re checked In! Please be sure to bring all the documentation  and that it matches the information you provided during the check in process.

  1. Travel safely: And now you are ready! Once your reservation is made you can travel safely and calmly and enjoy your trip without  any worries.

¡Enjoy your trip!

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